Here is a listing of all the monthly trainings we've had at BWG; topics range from CMS Plugins to leveraging page types to how to handle page permissions for CMS users, and more!

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Training: August 2013
Web Experiences, Topics and Segments, and how they work with Sharp Search.
Training: July 2013
Learn more about the Article List and Article Page type!  Feature and Prioritize Articles, add Article Authors, and alter an Article's Private Properties.
Training: June 2013
The June 2013 training includes how to use image maps in Ad Rotators, and how to maximize your use of the Content Analyzer.
Training: May 2013
This training covers the Paste from Word feature, RSS channels and lists, and Gadget Lists. /Content/Files/documentation/docshot/Video/MayTrain2013.mp4
Training: April 2013
Society Solution forum: a demonstration!
Training: March 2013
March 2013 Training This training covers the Bug Tracker portal, and how to best use it, as well as how to use MetaData to inform how search engines index your site.
Training: February 2013
This training covers the customization of CMS user roles.  You'll notice I had some issues with adding a page using the custom CMS role.  I neglected to check the "Inherit Page Access" box under the "Enforce Page Restrictions" checkbox during the...
Training: January 2013
Social networking icons and Page Types
Training: December 2012
December's training involves the nitty gritty of the form tool, as well as demonstration of the Form Tool Pro!
Training: November 2012
November's trainings cover the Live Edit feature and the Content Analyzer; when using the Content Analyzer, the Live Edit feature can become especially useful in allowing you to make your edits right on the page with the broken link.  

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