Society Solution is also your hosting solution, offering cloud hosting as well as creative services. We can design, code, create, and manage the entire process. Listed below are some of the services we offer for your convenience.


Give your organization a professional look and feel with our design services. We can create custom logos/branding as well as user interface.  Don't let an outdated or poor quality website turn away potential customers. Our professional designers have years of experience crafting web presences for organizations large and small.

We can design everything from the color scheme and layout of your website, to a new brand for your entire organization. Our designers can expand and modernize your organization's existing website, or come up with something entirely new!

Cloud Hosting
Use our modern, secure, reliable, up-to-date cloud servers to handle your web traffic. We offer complete web hosting solutions with secure AMS/CRM integration and hosting backups.

Cloud Hosting puts your website on a remote, managed server handled by our team. Whether your organization has a few dozen or a few thousand users, we scale your bandwidth and hosting as needed to ensure maximum uptime.

Cloud Hosting frees your organization from costly infrastructure investments. Our staff maintains security and configurations using best practices and industry standards.

Free up your staff to focus on creating the content your customers want, and not worrying about day-to-day IT concerns.

Content Creation
Your content should reflect your values and tone, as well as be in a professional voice. Let us give your existing content a makeover, or start completely from scratch. Let our marketing experts write website content, announcements, newsletters, blog posts, articles and more.
Quality Control and Review

Your website should maximize reliability and convenience for your audience - let us take the helm. We can make sure your project is on track, on budget, and error free.

Does your existing content need a thorough examination? Our Quality Control and Review service will comb through your website and root out:

  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Software bugs
  • Standards noncompliance
  • Usability issues
  • Content formatting issues

We'll report any problems we discover, and work with you to prioritize and fix them, based on your individual needs.

Our regular review of your website will maximize your online presence, user experience, and content quality.
Custom Development
Many organizations and institutions have special requirements for their websites that can’t be satisfied with an existing template. Our expert software developers can build and customize applications tailored to fit your needs.
Angel Security Monitoring

Angel is security software the protects all your servers, as well as other customer servers, through a universal, proactive, and intelligent approach to network firewall policy. Put simply, if any customer is attacked, that customer's firewall is automatically adjusted to block the attacker. In addition, all remote customers subscribed to the same "universe", are also adjusted to ban the attacker. This proactively protects all customers who are being targeted by a remote attacker.