Mobile Solution

Mobile Web

Our Mobile Solution is an out-of-the-box option to establish a responsive, modern mobile version of an Association's website.

This solution is fully integrated with our CMS, with minimal additional training to use. Content is written once in the CMS and appears on both the desktop and mobile version of your site. The solution is simple to use and customizable, enabling rapid deployment of your mobile presence.

The Mobile Solution provides everything needed to deliver content to today's smartphones and tablets. It includes design (or your designers can provide), the mobile engine and a new application suite optimized for mobile devices. The mobile engine allows users to view all of your content in a mobile format or switch to the "full site" view on demand. The mobile application suite is designed to provide the same functionality as your existing site but with a much easier user interface.

Key Features

  • Create content once, CMS handles mobile & desktop formatting automatically
  • Even advanced content like forms, the payment processing system, and event calendars get mobile-specific formatting
  • Mobile payments have the option to be emailed a bill instead of entering payment info via phone
  • Customizable to modify mobile output on as-needed basis
  • Persistent cookies ensure infrequent need to log in on mobile version

Mobile Solution Design Examples

FICPA Mobile Version Screenshot TSCPA Mobile Version Screenshot