Member NET

Member NET is a suite of web applications to assist your organization with creating and maintaining a database of members, as well as enabling interaction between your organization and its members, your members and one another, and your members and their community.


CommitteeNet allows members to join committees, as well as providing a search capability for finding committees and committee members. CommitteeNet is a simple, sophisticated way to increase your membership's connectivity with the committees established to serve them.


High School Liason

Connect with the public through your website. Simplifies setting up volunteer speaker opportunities at local schools, and lets the public search for volunteers in their area. Connecting with young people seeking career advice can be a rewarding opportunity for your members, and can grow your profession as well as extend the sphere of influence of your Association.

Key Person

Allows members to become more familiar with their legislative contacts. Outreach and advocacy in political arenas can be an integral component of an Association's operation, and this solution simplifies that process.


Provides a secure portal for users to donate money to a PAC, Educational Foundation, or any other organization cause

Course History

Tracking one's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) achievements is a critical part of any member's Association experience. Get reports of your members' CPE achievements and provide your members with proof of their CPE status.

Course Schedule

View upcoming courses, and see which members are signed up.


Allows your associated firms to maintain their own company profiles and employee rosters on your website. It enables them to control their own representation on your site, and frees you from needing to micromanage them.

Peer Review

Provides members a directory of personnel available for peer review services, and allow peer reviewers to set fees. Real-time payment processing ensures prompt payment for services rendered, and database and hopper integration allows efficient tracking and maintenance of transactions.

Dues Renewal

Allows for membership renewal either on the part of a member, or renewal for multiple members on the part of a firm through a real-time payment processing system.

Personal and Professional Profiles

Your members are given easy access to their profiles for updating purposes, and their profiles are indexed into the Member Directory for facilitation of networking for your members.