Society Solution – Optimize Your Organization

Managing a large organization or society is challenging enough - let Society Solution take care of all the busywork. We are a company that specializes in management software for groups of all sizes, allowing your members to enroll, network, and more. Our easy-to-use applications take the stress out of collecting dues and updating accounts. Perfect for:

  • Non-profits
  • Dues-paying societies
  • Unions
  • Professional associations
  • More

How can we help your organizational needs? Call Society Solution today at 1-888-WEB-2228 and talk to one of our specialists for more information. Or, click the links below to find out more about what our toolkit includes.

Mix Networking

Associations and professional organizations are social by design. People often use them to meet, network, and join together. But is your association social enough? With Society Solution, you can fulfill your members' desire to interact with each other remotely.

1.2 billion people worldwide use social networking platforms. Users aged 55+ represent the fastest growing segment. If you’re not using social networking for your organization, you are missing out.

While social media-like interactivity is important, email is still the primary method of communication preferred by many. In an analysis of member interactions, email easily surpasses website interactions for members aged 30+. Convenience is a priority for many and the familiarity and ease of email makes it popular for that reason.

 Mix allows you to communicate through the website or through email without anyone missing out on relevant information.

Member NET

Allow your members to find each other, update their profiles, and much more.


  • Committee NET
  • Advocacy App Suite
  • Course History & Schedule
  • Firm Administration
  • Peer Review
  • Dues Renewal
  • Personal & Professional Profiles
Mobile Solution

With so many professionals using a smartphone, it makes sense to have a mobile version of your site. This allows for convenient access for members on-the-go and increases interactivity.

Save time by entering content once and having it reflected on both your desktop and mobile sites.


Our directory applications make networking easy.  Find Companies, Members, or career opportunities easily from your website.  Increase your organization's member benefits by allowing other members, or the public, to locate and communicate with each other.

Join Application

Our Join Application is a customizable membership application that prioritizes efficiency in the join process.

  • Allows an applicant to complete an online application
  • Can integrate with payment systems to process dues and/or fees
  • Keep a running tab of recruitment drives
  • Saves time & effort by preventing duplicate users
  • Integrates real-time payment processing, legacy database support, and a transaction hopper