Content Management System

The Society Solution Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to manage a complex website. Pages, applications, and databases are wrapped up in an intuitive graphical interface. Organizing your site is as simple as dragging and dropping, and content creation is made simple using a well-known word-processor-style interface known as Cute Editor. Quickly create content using templates, and manage your entire userbase from one page.

Streamline Content Creation

  • Create, edit, organize, and delete pages through an intuitive graphical interface
  • Accellerate page building with customized page templates and page types
  • Pages can inherit their parent page's style automatically
  • Content is created and styled using an editor similar to a word processor
  • Search Engine Optimization is done automatically, but can be fine-tuned on a per-page basis with custom metadata
  • Advanced page listing options, allowing you to generate lists of pages with summary text
  • Scheduled posting - create pages and set start and end dates so they'll go on and offline automatically
  • Drafting system allows pages to be saved but not immediately published, and allows you to roll back a page to a previous draft
  • Entire pages and templates can be copied and pasted
  • Live Edit mode allows logged in CMS Users to jump directly to editing a page while browsing the site itself
  • Live Preview mode lets you see your content's final output before publishing
  • Easily post playable audio and video files
  • Panel pages can be embedded in any page, allowing for easy reuse of blocks of content

Get Organized

  • Every page gets a unique, permanent ID, but custom friendly (ie human readable) URLs can be set
  • Navigation is automatically generated based on your site's structure
  • Organization of your entire site is as simple as dragging and dropping pages
  • Pagination support for multi-page articles
  • Images can be grouped together and displayed as galleries or rotating carousels
  • A sitemap giving the layout of your entire website is generated automatically

Reach Out

  • Supports automatic generation of RSS feeds
  • Internal search engine indexes by keyword, date, page status, indended audience, and author
  • Easily embed your social media feeds in your pages

Specialize Your Content

  • Content can be set to only appear to those logged in, or only those logged in who fall into certain categories
  • Pages can have different content based on the user's login status and credentials
  • Pages can be 'targeted' to certain classes of users, showing them more relevant news items

Manage Your Users and Authors

  • Granular user rights give you control over your content authors
  • Author submissions can be held for review before going live
  • One member database controls every user of your site, allowing you to promote existing users to content authors without creating separate accounts
  • Users can recover forgotten passwords or reset their own passwords automatically
  • Users each get a personalized homepage that lists what they were recently working on, and any pages awaiting their approval, speeding up their workflow