The Society Solution blogging platform integrates directly into the CMS and allows approved users to post articles. A blog can be a great way of building a community among readers of your site, by providing regular new content and promoting discussion through comments. Simple search engine optimization and Technorati integration help your posts find their audience.

Key Features

Creating/Editing Posts

  • Posts are created through a WYSIWYG interface
  • Posts can be assigned categories for easy organization and display
  • Members can be promoted to authors
  • Authors have profiles that can include a picture and short biography
  • Attach files to posts

User Comments

  • Commenting can be enabled/disabled on a per-post basis
  • Comments have to be approved before they'll appear on the post, avoiding spam or off-topic comments going live
  • Comments require spam-reducing CAPTCHAs be filled out
  • Commenting can be enabled/disabled on a per-post basis


  • Supports custom per-post keywords to aid in search engine optimization
  • Supports Technorati tags, ensuring your blog post will be discoverable via its search engine
  • Supports trackbacks, notifying you when someone posts a link to your blog post elsewhere
  • Search the blog separately from the rest of your site
  • Automatically generates social media sharing buttons on each post