Society Solution also has a variety of management tools to enhance other areas of your organization’s website. Updated, dynamic content is the best way to enhance your reputation, gain web traffic, and generate revenue. Take a look at some of the innovative applications below that will instantly improve your site.

Content Management System

Our powerful CMS is the easiest way to manage your website and installed applications. Customized layouts and templates, easy duplication features, broken link reporting, and more.

Pages, posts, applications, and databases are wrapped up in an intuitive graphical interface. Organizing your site is as simple as dragging and dropping, and content creation is made simple using a word-processor-style interface.

Our CMS takes the hassle out of maintaining a large, frequently updated website.


A great way to generate revenue, as well as build community, is to offer a classifieds section to your members and visitors. Visitors can easily create and pay for ads.

  • Post jobs, internships, and relevant advertisements
  • Users can post interest in jobs with your organization
  • Public portal for displaying ads
  • Streamlined interface for member ad submission
  • Secure administrative backend for reviewing posted ads and authorizing payments
  • Payment system processes in real time with VeriSign/PayPal and is integrated with your AMS

Regular blog posts help keep your visitors informed (and search engines love them!) Create professional blog articles for your site, publish easily, and allow comments. It's a great way to interact with your membership and generate website traffic.

Our blogging platform integrates directly into the CMS and allows approved users to post articles. Blogs build community through informative posts about the profession, and user discussions about relevant topics. Search engine optimization, Technorati integration, and email subscriptions help your posts find their audience.

Sharp Search

Let your visitors get to the content they need quickly with our advanced website search solution. Also brings up results from associated websites and/or related content.

  • Your content is automatically indexed as soon as it is created or changed to ensure instant searchability
  • Searches can be filtered down by customizable categories
  • Search pages, blog posts, products, courses, videos, podcasts, and more from a single interface
Form Tool Professional

Our CMS comes with a built-in basic dynamic form manager that lets you quickly and easily build forms to collect information from your visitors by sending staff an email.

Form Tool Professional is an upgrade with advanced features such as database integration, payment processing, submissions management, and more.

  • Payment processing system
  • Visual form builder
  • Database integration
  • File Upload capability
  • Previous submissions management area
  • Custom HTML to add text/visual elements