Self Study

The Self Study application is a powerful tool to provide on-demand study materials and testing services to your members. It combines the user flexibility of remote testing with customized test content. Tests and surveys constructed in Self Study contain only the content an organization chooses for their member base, generating focused and informative testing and survey results. Self Study is highly customizable and makes updating test content, e-mails, and testing results straightforward. The user interface for test- and survey-taking is simple and efficient, allowing for ease of purchase of testing materials as well as ease of test-taking.

Exam Creation Features

  • Allow purchase of single/multiple exams at once
  • Configurable purchasing options
  • Exam question randomization/rotation
  • Configurable time limits
  • Configurable retry limits
  • Integrate your exams into the member, product, and event CRM
  • Purchase / access management
  • Import questions from text files
  • Test versioning
  • Automatic exam feedback with explanations
  • Printable certificates
  • Configurable post-test surveys

Study Features

  • Study online via webpages, downloadable PDFs, webcasts, or through physical mail
  • Webcasts can be prerecorded or live
  • Viewable archive of previous tests and surveys