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Training: August 2013
Web Experiences, Topics and Segments, and how they work with Sharp Search.
Training: July 2013
Learn more about the Article List and Article Page type!  Feature and Prioritize Articles, add Article Authors, and alter an Article's Private Properties.
BWG Newsletter, June 2013
BWG Newsletter, June 2013
Training: June 2013
The June 2013 training includes how to use image maps in Ad Rotators, and how to maximize your use of the Content Analyzer.
Ensuring your members can find the employment or the employees they need can add a huge value to membership in an Association.  The simple and straightforward interface of the Internship Database puts the power of listing internships and...
BWG Newsletter, May 2013
BWG  May 2013 NewsNet  Mobile Turnkey Solution Implementation: Launches of mobile sites have already taken place for several of our customers, including FICPA , VSCPA and PICPA .  Check out their sites on a mobile device, to see their...
Training: May 2013
This training covers the Paste from Word feature, RSS channels and lists, and Gadget Lists. /Content/Files/documentation/docshot/Video/MayTrain2013.mp4
BWG Newsletter, April 2013
Newsletter, April 2013: Bryce Users Group meeting minutes, April training link, and Mobile Turnkey Solution overview.
Training: April 2013
Society Solution forum: a demonstration!
4/18/2013 Bryce Users Group Meeting Minutes
Bryce Users Group call from 4/18/13
BWG Newsletter March 2013
Collaboration that Gets You Noticed: FICPA's Internship Database Lauded by Accounting Today FICPA has been working collaboratively with Bryce Web Group to develop an intern database for their membership. Accounting Today has featured...
BWG Newsletter February 2013
Upcoming Bryce Web Group Activities! We've got some upcoming additions to our services that we're very excited about: Monthly Tracker Updates We plan on sending out monthly updates on the open trackers in our BUG tracker system; the...
Training: March 2013
March 2013 Training This training covers the Bug Tracker portal, and how to best use it, as well as how to use MetaData to inform how search engines index your site.
Training: February 2013
This training covers the customization of CMS user roles.  You'll notice I had some issues with adding a page using the custom CMS role.  I neglected to check the "Inherit Page Access" box under the "Enforce Page Restrictions" checkbox during the...
BWG Newsletter January 2013
Check out January's training, which includes how best to maximize the different page types in the CMS, as well as a brief tutorial on how to set up meta tags on your site to enable you to set the thumbnail for social network sharing! The...
Training: January 2013
Social networking icons and Page Types
BWG Newsletter September 2012
BWG  September 2012 NewsNet  This month's training covers a multitude of topics, all of which can allow you to reveal or restrict content on your site.   Want to know more about what your members look at (or for) on your site?  Tracking and...
BWG Newsletter October 2012
It has been a busy few months for BWG.  Here's a quick update on our ongoing projects Mobile Site Projects BWG is working with the VSCPA, FICPA and PICPA on developing Mobile Site Turnkey solutions, tailored to each Association in terms of...
BWG Newsletter November 2012
November marks the beginning of the holiday season, and Bryce Web Group would like to wish all of our customers a happy and healthy one!  To keep our customers in the loop we've set up our holiday out-of-office schedule.  During these dates, BWG...
11/15/2012 KYCPA's New Website!
Bryce Web Group would like to extend a warm welcome to The Kentucky Society of CPAs!   KyCPA  has just launched a brand new website, with a new design and all the capabilities of the Bryce Web Group CMS.  Check out their new site, and see what ...

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