This page is intended to provide training and guidance for those new to the Society Solution CMS.  Check out these beginner tutorials to get you started on learning how the CMS works, where features are in the CMS and how you can maximize your site using the Society Solution CMS.  Each page includes written and video documentation, to serve as training for new employees and a way to brush up for existing CMS users.

CMS Home
The CMS Home is the view a CMS user sees upon logging in. It provides an overview of the entire site, including the Website Tree , Navigational Tabs , and your personalized Gadgets. The top of CMS Home tells you who you are logged in as, and what role that person has (e.g. Administrator, Editor, or Author).
CMS Tabs
The CMS Tabs allow users to control how their site looks, how their users can interact with the site, and how advanced controls on their site work. Check out this documentation to see how the Home, Content, Users, Apps and System tab work, complete with video tutorials and in-depth documentation.
Adding and Editing Pages
Adding a page in the CMS is something any user role is capable of doing.  However, some user roles have more advanced features than others.  Additionally, any user role is capable of editing; Authors may only edit the pages they create, while Editors and Administrators can edit the pages of others. See the user role tutorials to view the specific capabilities of each user role.