CMS Tabs

The CMS Navigation tabs provide you with access to the different parts of the CMS that control how the site's content is displayed, who can access what parts of the site and CMS, and how the website functions overall.  The following articles have video tutorials and extensive documentation of each tab; the Home and Content Tabs will be of most interest for basic CMS users, with the Users, Apps and System Tabs being of interest for CMS users performing more in-depth website operations.

Navigation Tabs:

Home Tab
The Home tab allows users to access their gadgets and the Website Tree, where they can add, edit, delete or move pages in their website. Access to the Panels and file uploader are also available, depending on the settings for your particular CMS role. Check out this video tutorial and text documentation for more details.
Content Tab
The Content tab allows Editors and Administrators to change Global Metadata layouts, Content Templates, Code Snippets and Layouts. These all control how your site looks, and allow you to set up cookie-cutter html for any page author to use anywhere in your site. The Administrator also has access to all these features, plus RSS Channels, the Content Analyzer, Web Experience, Ratings, Comments and Sharp Search Administration. Check out video tutorials and video documentation on the Content...
Users Tab
The Users tab allows Administrators access to Member, Non-Member and User accounts, to help with retrieving information about site users, and to allow CMS roles to be assigned to members. CMS Role access allows your Association to determine how users can work in the CMS, and Secret Questions and User Favorites determine how site users retrieve passwords and navigate through your site. Check out video tutorials and documentation on the Users Tab here!
Apps Tab
The Apps tab allows quick access to any applications set up under the Systems tab. Check out video tutorials and documentation on the Apps Tab here!
System Tab
The System tab allows advanced access to CMS functions for the Administrator. It includes access to CMS Settings, a way to set up Apps, Controls, the Edit-Lock function, Redirects, the Recycle bin, Logs and CMS Data! Check out video tutorials and documentation on the System Tab here!