Membership Utilities

MemberNet is an Solution that streamlines a user's membership experience in your Association. MemberNet allows members to update their profile, search for members, view course history, view current course registrations and pay dues. It is also sophisticated enough to allow a single payment per firm for multiple members when membership renewals are due. MemberNet integrates real-time payment processing, legacy database support, and a transaction hopper into an efficient platform for transacting.

MemberNet: On-site Experience

The MemberNet portal is set up to provide your Association with a customizable landing page to direct your members to the various capabilities housed within the Solution.

Dues Renewal

The Dues Renewal capability in the MemberNet Solution includes support for renewal either on the part of a member, or renewal for multiple members on the part of a firm.

Dues Renewal also includes support for multiple billing categories and pro-rated dues depending on your dues schedule. The Dues Renewal capability ties seamlessly into our build in Shopping Cart, allowing your members to pay their dues in a safe and secure online environment.

Personal and Professional Profiles

The MemberNet Solution also houses Personal and Professional profiles for your Association's members. They are given easy access to their profiles for updating purposes, and their profiles are utilized by the Member Directory capability of the MemberNet Solution, for facilitation of networking for your members.

Member Directory

To better facilitate your members' ability to network with their fellow Association members, a Member Directory (only available to other members in your Association) is a component of the MemberNet Solution.

The ability to opt out of the Member Directory is also optional, to give your members full control over their information.

Firms can also be enrolled into the Member Directory, creating a Member and Company Directory. This can be useful for members looking for local firms, companies looking for Association members, and overall increasing the networking opportunities afforded by the Member Directory.


Allowing your members' employers to participate in your Association through pages specifically for Firms and their members can be a handy offering for your Association, but it can invite an added work load for your staff if your Association takes on the administrative duties involved in Firm listings. The Firm Admin capability puts the control in the hands of the Companies you're serving, allowing them to manage their firm profile and roster. Your Administration decides who your Firm Administrators are, so the ultimate control is in your hands, but the day-to-day administration is handled by a qualified member.

Course History

Tracking one's Continuing Professional Education achievements is a critical part of any member's Association experience. The Course History capapbility of the MemberNet Solution displays reports of a member's CPE achievements for the report date range, providing your members with proof of their CPE status.

To ensure members have their full CPE History recorded in your Association's site, the ability to add and modify courses can be made available in the Course History capability.

MemberNet: Administration through the CMS

Depending on your website's arrangement, the components of MemberNet may be held in a single Website Tree node, or exist in multiple nodes. Each Application Page will have a moderate amount of editability, but the bulk of Application Page functionality is housed behind-the-scenes, to ensure it is working consistently.

CommitteeNet allows members to join committees, as well as providing a search capability for finding committees and committee members. CommitteeNet is a simple, sophisticated way to increase your membership's connectivity with the committees established to serve them.

CommitteeNet Website Interface

Depending on your Association's logic, you may choose to allow searching for Committees, or simply list the Committees available for your members. The ability for Committees to enrich your members' experiences makes putting Committee Membership at their fingertips a valuable pursuit for your Association.

Committee Profiles

In order to best inform your members as to what they can achieve through participating in Committees, a Committee Profile page is set up for each Committee; this profile page includes a description of the Committee, as well as a roster of Committee members and a "Request to Join" button to allow members to volunteer to join Committees.

CommitteeNet Management in the CMS

The pages of the CommitteeNet Solution are available in the Website Tree to allow for layout control, location control in terms of whether the pages are shown innavigationor not, and member/nonmember/public access to the pages.


The Donations Solution gives your members (and optionally non-members) an opportunity to donate to Political Action, Education Foundation, or other society causes. The Donations application integrates real-time payment processing, legacy database support, and a transaction hopper to provide efficient, streamlined transacting.

Donation Types: Education Foundation and PAC

The Donation Solution provides a flexible single page that intuitively displays donation forms for either your Education Foundation or Political Action Committee, based on where you direct your members. The text prompts for both pages are entirely customizable, allowing you to utilize the secure, sophisticated functionality of the Donation Solution while tailoring it to your business logic.

Example: Political Action Committee

Example: Education Foundation


Key Person

The Key Person solution allows members to become more familiar with their legislative contacts. Outreach and advocacy in political arenas can be an integral component of an Association's operation, and engaging members in that advocacy can be a challenge.

The Key Person solution provides your Association with a portal to encourage contact with pertinent elected officials, drawing the list of officials from your members' political districts. The Key Person solution integrates with any legacy database, dynamically displaying information to encourage your members to interact with elected officials, all within the context of your Association.

Your Association can give your members an opportunity to connect with the public through the High School Liaison solution. The High School Liaison solution provides your members with a portal to volunteer to speak at local schools about their profession, as well as allowing the public to search for volunteers in their area. Connecting with young people seeking career advice can be a rewarding opportunity for your members, and can grow your profession as well as extending the sphere of influence of your Association.