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The Exam Tracker application is set up to help members organize their exam schedules as well as providing reminders of score expiration dates by e-mail notifications.  This document will guide you through the application from a user (member or non-member) and administrator (society staff) point of view.

User Experience

The first thing a user sees when accessing the Exam Tracker application is a creation screen.  If they select No, they are brought to the website homepage.  If they select Yes, their profile will be created and they will be taken to an Edit screen.


Next, the user can update their exam schedule.  Blackout periods for CPA exams are validated to ensure the user enters valid information.  The dates can be left blank if they have nothing to enter yet.

  • The Show option in the first column is used to ignore that schedule entry when unchecked, which causes it to be left unseen by peers or firm administrator, despite privacy settings.   This also grays that entry by visibly making it fade 50%, to help make the selection apparent.
  • The sections listed in the profile editor are populated from a template table in the database, which can be customized per society, upon installation.
  • The View Others Sitting for the Exam link will display a list of other users who have their privacy settings set to enable other exam takers to view their profile.  This is filtered by the Section, Scheduled Date, Show, and Privacy Setting values.
  • The My Profile WYSIWYG allows the user to enter some text about themselves, or comment on their exam experience so far.  This can be viewed by other exam takers, or their firm administrator, if their Privacy Setting allows it.
  • The Privacy Settings allow the user to maintain a private profile, or allow their Firm Administrator, or other exam takers to view their profile.

Once the user saves their profile, they receive a welcome e-mail, and a mailing list code is added to their record in AM.NET.  Users also receive e-mails when they update their profile with a passed exam.  If they update their profile with a passed exam within the same day of the creation of their profile, no e-mails will be sent; however, any period of time from the first day of profile creation, e-mails will be sent to the user upon passing an exam.

By clicking on the View Others Sitting for the Exam link, the user is taken to a screen like the above, with a list of other users taking the exam on the same date, for the same section, whose Privacy Settings allow them to be seen.

When the name link is clicked, the user is taken to a screen with a read-only view of that person's profile.


The Exam Tracker is integrated with the CMS.  Here is the administrator Homepage.


The Configuration link displays a list of configuration settings for the application.  View profile takes the logged in user to their Exam Tracker profile.  Tracked User List displays a list of all users in the system.

The above settings are fairly straight forward.  The From E-mail Address is the from address of e-mails sent to users.  The Staff E-mail Address is the address which receives notifications when the user creates a profile, passes an exam, or receives an expiration reminder e-mail.

All notification e-mails to staff and users can be updated in the CMS as Text File Pages.  The Application Pages for the Exam Tracker can also have text updated within the CMS.

The Tracked User List displays a list of Exam Tracker profiles like the above.  There are no filter options currently; however, the administrator can page through the list, and also sort columns.

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