The Society Solution Classifieds solution is a transparent and customizable way to provide your users with a marketplace for posting classified ads.  Classifieds can be an invaluable way for users to post interest in jobs, as well as to post job opportunities, internships and other relevant advertisements, allowing your users to get what they need, when they need it.  

The Classifieds solution has two main applications. The public web site allows registered users the ability to place and view ads, with a streamlined interface to guide your members through the ad placement process. The secure administrative portion of the site allows society staff to update the system, review ads and process final payments. Payments are performed in real-time with VeriSign and fully integrated with AM.NET.

Classifieds Website Sections:

Public Site
Starting with the public site, we will walk through a user placing an ad: The Ad Placment page is completely customizable to match your Societies business logic, and is the first page your members use when placing an ad.  Here, users are...
Administration Page for Classifieds Solution
This is the home page for the Administrative site: The Hopper is broken into two main areas, Classified and Financial transactions. Both have dropdowns to control what you are viewing (Pending, Rejected, Online, Expired, Added to Cart,...