Advocacy Contact Plugin

This streamlined plugin allows members to easily communicate with their current legislative contacts regarding issues your Society or Association is monitoring.  It provides you with a way to encourage advocacy on the part of your members without having to engage in laborious manual contacting of legislators, and provides your members with a voice within your Association or Society. 

Inserting an Advocacy Contact Plugin

To encourage advocacy regarding a particular piece of legislation, it would be worth creating a page for that piece of legislation, describing its goals as well as describing why your members would want to contact their legislators regarding this particular bill. A page can be created in the WYSIWYG for the bill, and an Advocacy Contact plugin can be inserted on the page.

In order to insert an Advocacy Contact plugin into your site, you must click the plugin insert button, then select the "Insert Advocacy Contact" button:


From there, the user will be brought to the Advocacy Contact System editor.  They can enter a Bill/Report Key, to designate what piece of legislation this plugin relates to.  The subject and text of the contact (via e-mail) can also be set up, although users will have the option of altering the text when they fill out the plugin to contact their legislators.

The introduction and completion text can be designated for the particular instance of the plugin; when users navigate to the page containing the plugin, they will be shown the Introduction Text, wherein instructions can be provided on how the contact form works and how members can use the plugin to contact legislators.  Text to be shown to a member once they've completed a legislation contact can also be created.  If a user has no associated legislators (from not yet having an associated district, or being an out-of-state user), you can set a message to inform them as to why they are not seeing any legislators.

Finally, the list of legislators to be contacted can be generated.  If this area is left blank, a member will automatically see all the legislators in their district.  Specific legislators can be designated, which will override the default district legislators for your user and display only these specific legislators.  General legislator types, can be designated, with or without designating specific legislators as well.  A group of legislators designated under the General Legislator Type will be shown to the member, and if Specific Legislators are also designated, they will be added to the list of legislators under the General Legislator Type selected.  If they are not associated with a district, they will be shown all the specified legislators.

Autosuggest is ennabled for the legislator names and legislator types, to assist in constructing each Advocacy Contact plugin instance.

Make sure to click "Save" for your plugin changes, as well as saving the changes to the page in which the plugin is placed.  Once the page is published, users will be able to contact their legislators

Administration of the Advocacy Contact Plugin

The Advocacy Contact Plugin administration will be made available under the Apps Tab in the CMS.  The configurations of the Advocacy System can be updated by clicking the "here" link on the page.  An Administrator can also use the Bill drop-down to access reporting on contacts sent regarding the bills that were set up in the Advocacy Contact plugin.


The Advocacy System configurations include setting a contact "From" e-mail for sending e-mails to legislators.  It also allows an Administrator to revert the Advocacy System to Testing Mode for sending e-mails, letting an Association or Society test the system's functionality without worrying about spamming legislators with test e-mails.


The reporting portion of the Advocacy System Administration allows an Administrator to see detailed reports on what e-mails have been sent for which bill.  When a bill is selected in the Bills drop-down, a summary is shown of the number of people who have contacted legislators regarding the bill, as well as the legislators contacted and how many times they've been contacted.

The detailed report contains a list of people who contacted legislators, who they contacted, when they contacted legislators, and what the e-mail subject and contents were.

Member's View of The Advocacy Contact Plugin

When a member navigates to a page containing an Advocacy Contact Plugin, they will see any text that is included on the page, as well as the plugin interface, which contains a contact list to allow users to select which legislators they'd like to contact, as well as instructions and the interface within which they can edit their e-mail subject and message.

The user will see any completed text you've set in the plugin after they've sent their e-mail to the selected legislator(s).