Versions Page

The Versions page type is available to allow your site to have specific, targeted content for the public, non-members and members; depending on their account type and whether they're logged in or not, users will see different content.  This allows you to provide specific members-only page content as well as providing the public with information in the same page in the CMS.  A Versions page type is especially useful for home pages, as they provide information to the public, while providing a place to put member-specific information once the user logs in. 

Creating a Versions Page

The Versions page is an option available when creating a page, among other page types.

The Versions page will have the same interface as other page types, including the same WYSIWYG functionality, but with separate tabs for the version of the page presented to the public, the non-members (when logged in), and the members (when logged in).


There is an option to have the Non-Member page be the same as Public, or Member content, or "Different", meaning it has it's own unique content.


Member Versions pages can be the same as the Public or Non-Member pages, or "Different", meaning it has it's own unique content.


Versions Page in Action

The CalCPA  home page is a good example of the Versions page in action.  Prior to login, the public can see a banner ad, an Education Foundation tabstrip, a news feed, and a variety of links to different portions of the site.

Upon login,a Welcome box appears with appropriate links for a Member, as well as Member Gadgets (center column, below the banner ad), as wellow  as keeping the banner ad, Education Foundation links, and news feed.  Thus, this is an example of how a Versions page can deliver content to the public while providing logged in members with the specific links they need to get the information they're seeking in your site.