Application Page

Creating an Application Page

To set up an Application page, create the page in the CMS Website Tree as usual.  Select Application as the page type.

Linking the Application to the page

You have two options with an application page.  You can set a checkbox to point to a physical file, if you create custom .aspx pages under /Legacy/.  Let's assume with the name Test.aspx, you would enter something like this: Content\Legacy\Test.aspx.  You'll it also want to set the Friendly URL to match, in the General Tab; using this example, you'd set it to: /Legacy/Test

From there, hit Save & Publish, and you can view your application, automatically assimilated by the CMS.  

Editing an Application Page

Application pages can have areas set that allow you to edit the application in the CMS.  Defining these areas happens in the .aspx page, and documentation on defining the editable areas of the application page can be found here.

Writing Your Own Applications

If you have a good idea of how you'd like your Application to work, and want to make the entire thing editable in the CMS, you can set up the code right in the Application page.  Instead of checking the "Use ASCX/ASPX Source" box, put your code right into the Page Content area.