General Tab

The general tab allows you to set a variety of metacontent for a page.

Page Icon

The Page Icon is an image that can be associated with an article. It can appear on the article itself, or as its representative image in an Article List. The image will only appear if the height and width for images in the Article List's display settings is set to greater than zero.

Author/Publish Notes

An area for article authors to leave notes for future reference for themselves or other editors.

Content Summary

This field allows you to either automatically generate or manually write a summary for the content. This summary will show up in an Article List when its style is set to Summary in List Style or Archive Layout.

Superseding Search Keywords

Superseding Search Keywords can be set to prioritize that particular page when searching for specific keywords.  

Friendly URL

Allows you to manually set a URL for the particular page. This helps make human-readable, organized URLs that are easier to read and remember.