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Any user role is capable of editing; Authors may only edit the pages they create, while Editors and Administrators can edit the pages of others. See the user role tutorials to view the specific capabilities of each user role in terms of editing a page.

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Edit a page as an Author

Edit a page as an Editor

Edit a page as an Administrator

Live Edit


Ways to Edit a Page

Editing from the Home Page

An Editor or an Administrator may have pages pending in their "pages waiting for my approval" gadget. This gadget will provide links to pages that require an Editor or Administrator's review before being published to the website. 

An Editor/Administrator will be taken to the following page from the gadget:

From here, the Editor or Administrator can publish the page, or preview, edit, or delete the page. They can also send it along for further approval, meaning an Administrator will be responsible for final approval and publishing. 

Editing from a Search

A user can also search the Website Tree for pages to edit, perhaps to update content or to make a requested change for the creator of a page.  From the Website Tree search, a user can also do batch deletes, or preview a site to determine if it is satisfactory.

Editing from the Website Tree

Using the Website Tree, a user can right-click on a page they would like to edit, and once "Edit" is clicked on, that page will be brought up for editing.

Editing Pages as an Author

An Author can edit specific page types, one of three ways.  They can click the "Edit Page" button at the top of their "Home" page, they can search through the Website Tree for a specific page, or they can right click on the page in the Website Tree and select "Edit".  They will be taken to the following page and allowed to edit the page freely:

After editing, an Author can submit the page for approval.  An Author can only edit certain page types (article, wiki, developer wiki, collection, media); if they attempt to edit a page type they do not have access to, they will receive the following error message:

Live Edit

The Administrator  and an Editor are capable of performing edits of pages that are live on the site.  When logged in to the CMS, an Administrator or Author will see small white boxes with "Live Edit On" text, appearing on different portions of the live website. 

Once clicked, additional boxes will show up to indicate where an Administrator can perform edits.  The Administrator or Editor will be brought to the WYSIWYG editor interface to perform any changes they would like.  The "Live Edit Off" box must be clicked to exit Live Edit mode, thus closing the page for edits.

Wiki Page Edits

A Wiki Page type has the capability to edit the page using the grey text "Edit this page" that appears at the top of the wiki entry.  Clicking this will allow any CMS user role to edit the page, if they are logged in to the CMS.  The Editor and Administrator can save and publish their page changes, and an Author can save and submit for approval any changes they make to a Wiki Page using the "Edit this page" feature.

WYSIWYG Editor Interface

The page editor is the WYSIWYG interface and looks like the following:

From here, a user can edit the page and then use the appropriate command (Preview, Save, Save and Publish, Save and Send for Approval, Cancel) for the page.


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