CMS Home

The CMS Home is the portion of the default CMS display a CMS user sees after logging in. It provides a quick view of the entire site, including the Website Tree, navigational Tabs, and your gadgets.

CMS Home Display

On the top of the CMS Home, it tells you who you are logged in under, and what role that person has (i.e. Administrator, Editor, or Author).


Listed Pages

The CMS Home allows a user to navigate through the Website Tree, and has gadgets available for the user's convenience in navigating to pages for editing and viewing.  It shows you pages you may have queued for approval as well as pages you've recently viewed or edited. You can view any of the pages listed by clicking the name of the article.

The user can see on their home page five basic sections of listed pages:


  • Pages waiting for my approval
    • This is the list of submitted pages that still need approval from an editor, or administrator. This area is not visible to the CMS role of Author.
  • Pages rejected that I need to edit
    • These are pages that were submitted by the user, that have been rejected by an editor or administrator. These articles may need editing before being resubmitted. When you click one of these pages, you will be redirected to the page overview.
  • Pages waiting for approval that I submitted
    • These pages were authored by the user, but are still waiting for approval by an editor or administrator.
  • Pages I recently created or edited
    • Pages in this section were recently authored by the user. In the Author view, it will only contain articles.
  • Pages I recently viewed
    • These are pages recently viewed by the logged in user.

Other Gadgets

 Aside from the listed pages that have been recently viewed or edited, and pages awaiting editing and approval, a user may be able to see gadgets including the following:

  • Product Version
    • This provides the details of the version of the CMS the user is using.
  • My Support Hours
    • Details how many support hours are remaining and have been used .
  • Product News
    • Provides a "Latest News" RSS feed for the CMS.
    • Allows the user to see the latest news at a glance on their CMS Home page.