Publish History

Publish History is a valuable tracking tool that maintains a copy of a page each time it is published.  These copies can be re-established as a draft, or as the published version of a page.

Accessing Publish History

Publish history is accessible on the Details Page for each page in your site.  On the right-hand side of the Status tab, click the "Publish History" button to view the publish history.

Using Publish History

Publish History details the currently published page, as well as each previously published copy.  You can view, take offline, or set as a draft the currently published page, but Publish History also allows you to view each previously published copy, to review what the page looked like.  You can also set the previously published copies as drafts, or publish them to the site.  

You can also clear the entire publish history, or remove individual publishing instances.

When you click the show/hide publish notes, any publish notes included with the page will be shown:

When viewing each published page copy, the page will pop up in a new window.