Page Icon

Page icons are a way to display a quick, topical image for your article, to draw your users' attention by giving them a visual cue as to the content of the article.

Setting a Page Icon for an Article

Page icons can be set in the General Tab of the WYSIWYG editor.  A file can be selected from the file uploader, or can be uploaded at this point for the specific Article.

Setting up Page Icons for an Article List

In the Display Settings portion of the Article List configuration window, a maximum image width and height can be set.  The page icons for the pages in the Article List will automatically be resized to these dimensions.  If the width and height are set to zero, no page icon will appear.  If only one dimension is set, and the other is set to zero, the set dimension will be the maximum dimension for resizing.


Page Icons on a Site

Below are two examples of Page Icons in Article Lists on a site: