Making Application Pages Editable

An Application Page is a page in the CMS that represents a physical file with a ".aspx" extension that is external to the CMS; but has been integrated.

You can define editable areas within Application Pages in the CMS. This requires a set of comment tags within the ".aspx" file. For example, in the file you may see HTML like so:

< h1 >Page Title< /h1 >
< p >Some blurb about something< /p >

To allow these areas to be edited while editing the Application Page in the CMS, you could tag it like so:

< h1 >Page Title< /h1 >
< p > < /p >
< p >Some blurb about something< /p >

The commented markers have two parts:

  • copybegin
  • copyend

The following attributes are supported in the copybegin marker:

  • id - This value must be unique within a specific file, it can also be used to specify the label for a specific editable area
  • label - This value defines the label for the editable area - it is optional.
  • type - This value must specify "text" or "wysiwyg". The "text" value defines a text-only field, where as the "wysiwyg" value specifies that this area should be edited in a WYSIWYG editor as HTML.


After defining the editable areas, the Application Page will display the editable fields upon the next edit. Editable areas are case sensitive and also space sensitive.

If you need to completely reset the content that has been overridden from edits in the CMS, do the following:

  • Edit the Application Page
  • Uncheck the external file checkbox
  • Save the Draft
  • Edit the draft again
  • Clear the content text box (select all + delete)
  • Save & Publish

WYSIWYG Components are not currently supported in editable areas. This limitation may be lifted in the future.