Employment Opportunities

Society Solution is looking for talented and motivated people who can work independently.  Preferably these individuals would live in Michigan, in the Detroit Metro area; though we are open to people working out of state.

Our working environment is self guided, and hand holding is minimized.  Individuals should be experienced, self learning, and personable.  Consultants with well rounded skillsets are ideal candidates.

Written / Oral tests may be given to determine job qualification for those who wish to apply.  Below is a list of current positions that are available:

Software Developer
This position has several requirements: 2-4 Years ASP.NET 1.1/2.0 Experience 2-4 Years SQL 2000/2005 Experience 2-4 Years Web Development Experience Experience with server administration: MS SQL Server 2000/2005 IIS 5.0+ Windows Server 2000/2003...
Web Graphics Designer
This job has the following requirements: 2+ Years Experience Designing Websites Strong portfolio for us to evaluate Ability to work independently with customers and Bryce Web Group Working with customers to their satisfaction ...
Support Staff
This job has the following requirements: Supporting customers by E-mail, Issue Tracker, Forum, Phone, and Goto Meeting Producing Documentation for our products Updating the website Learning our software intimately to support and document it...