Website Migration Process

The website migration process is Society Solution's method of transferring site content from an existing site to the Society Solution Content Management System to build up a site for an Association or Society. The process is as follows:

Step 1

Society Solution sends the Association or Society a population spreadsheet template.  Based on the size of the site, an Association or Society has three options:

  1. Have a set of blank pages in which staff can input content manually (filtering / touching up content as they go)
  2. Have your entire site migrated into the new site (the main issue with this is that it needs to be reorganized afterward, and only people who know how it should be organized, can organize it)
  3. A mix of 1 and 2 - populate blank pages from the site map, then import large content selectively, such as newsletters - if they are isolated to specific folders on the website (for example /newslettters/ folder).

Step 2

Association or Society fills in template with the entire Site Map of how they want their new site structured, including in the structure any pages they would like migrated to the new site.  Pages provided in the .xls are used as a guide by Society Solution to determine what content will be migrated from the old site. 

For the population spreadsheet, the following is requested:
  1. Fill in the Legacy URL (a URL from which the content of the new page should be pulled) if you want a non-blank page, AND it exists on the current website.
  2. Fill in the Legacy Folder (a URL folder from which child pages should be scraped and dropped in underneath the new page) if you want child pages from that folder to be placed underneath the page.  Note: this will grab everything under that folder and drop it in as a child page.
  3. Otherwise, leave these fields blank, and fill in the remaining content in the spreadsheet to generate a blank page in the CMS to be filled in later.


Step 3

Content is scraped from the existing website, using the population spreadsheet as a guide.  This scraped content is then organized in the Society Solution CMS Website Tree, based on the structure of the population spreadsheet template. 


Step 4

The site is completed as structured in the population spreadsheet template.  The Association or Society can now assign CMS users to drag and drop pages in the Website Tree, as well as create new pages and edit existing ones, in order to further customize their site. 


Step 5

The Association or Society performs testing and provides feedback to Society Solution, in order to further improve and customize their site. 


Step 6

Society Solution performs any fixes desired by the Association or Society, a final test is done on the site, and the site is launched!