Resumes / Internships

The Resume/Internship solution allows users to submit their resumes and make them searchable for employers. It provides your members with an avenue to get their name out to the right people in their field, without having to worry about their professional voice being drowned out. Employers are also able to utilize the Resume/Internship solution to pick from a practically pre-selected pool of candidates for any position, and can use this specialized forum to seek out qualified employees. The Resume/Internship solution also integrates with the Classifieds solution to allow automatic e-mailing of the member's resume to a classified ad

Resume Search View

When a user selects the Resume Search page, they are brought to a screen that allows them to search by keyword, area of interest and job type:

From there, they can search for resumes; any results will appear below the search setup:

A resume, when selected, allows the user to see contact information, resume text, and any other information the resume owner wanted to publish in their listing

Creating a Resume

When a user logs in, they are able to edit their resume by navigating to the "Edit my Resume" screen:

From there, a user can enter their Name, Desired Position, Salary Range, County or State Area, Years of Experience and Certification, and their Contact Information:

A user can then decide their Areas of Interest and Job Type; these can be changed by an Administrator in the Resume Administration portion of the CMS to best suit the needs and professional Areas of Interest of your members.

A user can also create or copy and paste resume text, and can attach their resume to their resume listing as well. Users can also make their resume searchable by selecting "Publish in Search Directory". If a user decides they no longer want their resume posted on the site, they can opt to not publish in the search directory.

Once the user is satisfied with their resume, they will be able to view the finalized product. They can update their resume from this screen, or continue on to perform another search.

Administrator View

A logged in Administrator will, when searching for resumes, have a few extra options. They are capable of setting a Resume to Approved, Rejected, Pending Approval, or can take the resume offline, or delete it off the entire site. The can also add comments, including a reasoning provided to the owner of the resume for whatever decision the Administrator makes.

Resume Administration in the CMS

In the CMS, under the Resume page, a suite of e-mails are available that are automatically sent to users regarding actions taken with their resume. A user is sent an e-mail when their resume is Approved or Rejected, when their resume is about to expire, and when their resume is taken offline or deleted. An Administrator is sent an e-mail when a resume is posted and is pending approval.

Under the Apps Tab, an Administrator will be able to alter the settings for the Resume solution. An Administrator can alter the categories available to users in the Resume solution, can alter the configuration of the Resume solution, and can view and approve/reject any resumes pending approval.



Administrators are capable of editing, adding new or deleting categories that are available to users in the Resume creation screen. These categories include Job Type, Interest and County.

Editing the categories includes allows an Administrator to rename the category.


The configuration setting allows an Administrator to edit the functions of the Resume solution, including determining upload file types and maximum size, determining the physical file path for uploads, determining how long a resume can be posted before expiring, determining how soon before resume expiration a resume owner should be notified and denoting a "from" address for any resume-related e-mails.

The edit screen for configuration settings allow an Administrator to change the Name, Value and Description of the configuration setting.

Pending Approval

This selection takes an Administrator to a set of search results in the Resume Search that includes all the resumes pending approval. From here, the Administrator can go through and approve or reject any resumes pending approval.