Newsletter Solution

Keeping in touch with your membership through newsletters can be a critical component of any Association.  Branding and information-rich content are imperative to hold any reading audience's attention, and the Newsletter Solution from Society Solution provides your Association with an interface to house custom newsletter templates and dynamic content creation.  

The html generated by our Newsletter Solution can be dropped directly into any newsletter distribution service that allows custom html templates, and from there any remaining written content creation can be done.  This Newsletter template manager can give your Association a quick and simple, custom branded and content-rich newsletter offering for your members.

We can design your Newsletters, produce the HTML, and write custom queries to dynamically pull frequently changing information, to save time and effort for staff.

Newsletter Template Setup

Newsletter Template Access

Our Newsletter solution provides a storage system for your custom newsletter designs, with the ability to edit the templates as needed using the CMS WYSIWYG editor.  

Our CMS-integrated Newsletter solution provides all the functionality of CMS features such as Article and Event Lists, custom Query Lists, embedded pages, etc. to dynamically pull content from your system.  

This automated content creation coupled with the consistency offered by stored templates gives your Association a leg up in terms of quality of your newsletter offering, without adding any undue burden to your already busy staff.  Below is an example template, including placeholders for ads and automatically created content generated using Event Lists:

Grabbing Template HTML

Once your template is finalized, you can right-click, view the page source, copy the page source and paste it right in to your newsletter distribution system.  Depending on how your template is established, you may have placeholders in your template for content to be added in by your staff, or your newsletter may contain solely dynamically generated content using our CMS Plugins.

Newsletter Solution Administration

The Newsletter Solution admin interface gives you access to stored queries, stored templates, and links to previews of each template.

Data Management

The "Manage Event/Product Queries" portion of the Newsletter Solution Administration view provides an interface to view and edit SQL queries utilized in your Newsletter templates.  The system supports custom queries which can be used for listing events by category, or other information pertinent to members.

The "Manage Display Data" enables staff to customize the display of dynamic variables displayed in your Newsletter Solution.

Editing Templates

Once your designer has provided you with the html of your approved Newsletter design, we can house it in an editable page in your CMS.  This allows you to make changes on your own, and allows our system to plug in to the CMS page that houses the template and provide you with an automatic preview of the template.

Shared Templates

Along with custom templates developed for different types of newsletters, our Newsletter Solution supports shared templates, or templates shared by all of your stored Newsletter Templates.  Examples of stored templates include: footer navigation, ads, header content, Social Networking links, etc.  The shared templates can save time and effort when changing out links and images, letting your staff make one change and apply it to all of your Newsletter Templates, instead of editing each and every one.