Ensuring your members can find the employment or the employees they need can add a huge value to membership in an Association.  The simple and straightforward interface of the Internship Database puts the power of listing internships and submitting applications in the hands of your members.

Internship Search Engine

The easiest way to deliver opportunities to inquiring members is a drill-down search of internship opportunities. From very broad searches to very detailed inquiries, the Internship Search Engine uses the categories Firms fill out for each internship listing to tease out speedy and accurate results.

Internship Details

Once a prospective intern receives their search results, they can select each internship opportunity to view the details of the position.  These details are provided by the Firm offering the internship, and provide all the information a prospective intern may need to apply for the position.

Submitting/Updating a Listing:

The simplicity of the Internship Database tool follows through to the Submit/Update a Listing page feature.  This page is only accessible to Firm Administrators in your system, and each Administrator has the opportunity to post a single listing (that may represent several internship opportunities, all described in the listing) for their firm.  

The listing includes the firm information, automatically pulled from the Firm Administrator's member info, as well as the ability to activate or deactivate the internship, giving the Firm Administrator control over the position availability.

Internship information including the Firm Contact, the Internship Type (Paid/Unpaid), and the hours per week for the internship are included in the beginning of the form.

The description of the internship is freeform, but includes prompts for valuable information for both the Firm to gather and for the prospective intern to know about how to apply for and what to expect from the internship.

Finally, the GPA requirements for applicants, the number of internships available from the firm, and the internship's timing wrap up the information available for the intern from the firm.


Administration of the Internship Database is minimal; changes can be made to the wording of instructional sections by editing the Application Pages for the database.  Configuration is available as part of the setup or support of the database, meaning your Association can detail to Society Solution what fields are involved in the internship listings, to best serve your membership.