RSS Reader List

The RSS Reader List plugin is an RSS reader that can be inserted on any page in your site. You can use it to link to external RSS feeds that might be topical for your users, or you can use it to link to your own RSS feed, allowing your users to have a reader for the RSS list without your users having to put effort into finding an RSS reader on their own. It puts RSS lists at your fingertips on your site, giving you access to both external and internal content.

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Use Cases

The RSS Reader List WYSIWYG plugin allows you to list RSS feeds from external websites in a way very similarly to Article Lists.


To  set where your list will generate its content from, you can paste an RSS/XML link into the List Settings box; this can be copied from the URL of an RSS feed, either from an external site or your internal RSS feeds from your own site.  You can also set a message for users to view if no RSS entries are available. 


 The appearance settings for the RSS Reader List are identical to the Article List settings. 

Do you want to show a summary of each event after the article title? Would you prefer a headline list, where only the title is shown? A mixed list will show the summary of some events, then headlines for the remainder. A box list will show up as a box with an even number of items that are separated by a border. Mixed Rows is for the Mixed list; it determines how many rows will show up as summary rows in a mixed list, before the rows start showing up as headline lists.  

For the Archive layout, if the Navigation Settings are set to show links, a user can move from the initial list of pages in the RSS Reader List to the archive list of entries.  The layout settings function identically to the layout settings of the Initial Layout.  There is also the option of an Outer and Inner CSS ID, which are CSS identifiers for styling on the website; these can be left blank unless a specific style is desired for the list. 

Navigation settings allow you to move between the initial list and the archive list. If "Show Links" is selected, navigation will be allowed to and from the archive list.  You can alter the text for the “More”, “Next Page”, “Previous Page” and “Return to List” links. 

Display Settings

Similar to the Page Icon feature, the RSS Reader plugin allows you to set up icon sizes for each RSS List item, drawn directly from the RSS feed.  You can set a maximum width or height (or both), and the icons will automatically be resized for you.   Setting zero for both width and height will disable displaying images.  

Images for the RSS items come from either the RSS channel image, an iTunes image, or an IMG tag in the description or content.  The RSS feed will automatically pull the icon from the page for you, so no additional setup is needed.


One of the most useful features of the RSS Reader List is the ability to enable RSS feeds based upon the RSS feed of another website.  This can be conveyed on a per-list basis, or integrated into the central RSS page of the website.  You can integrate external RSS feeds that contain content topical to your users into your own RSS page, allowing your readers direct access to RSS feeds they might not have otherwise known about.

User Experience

The RSS reader list appears similarly to the Article List and allows paging in the same way.


RSS Reader Lists are useful for information mashups, which can be conveyed on any CMS page, and also as Gadgets on any page type.