Gadget List

The Gadget List allows you to reference any CMS page as a Gadget.  This can be used for Applications, Topics, RSS Readers, etc.


The Gadget List is a WYSIWYG plugin that can be inserted into any page type.  It can be referenced on a single page in this way, or as a Panel on a Global Layout to be applied site-wide, or on a specific branch of the website.

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Use Cases


  • Parent Page: the parent page in which child pages are to be used as gadgets
  • List Columns: the number of columns of gadgets to display
  • Global User Preference: share the user's gadget preferences site-wide, including this specific Gadget List instance
  • Population Mode: method to use for initial population of the Gadget List
    • Random: any child pages, selected randomly
    • Smart: match child pages by Web Experience associations between the pages and the currently logged in user
    • Page Order: the linear order of the child pages
    • Alphabetical: the linear order of child pages, sorted by title alphabetically
    • Keywords: match a specific keyword against child pages and select pages based upon that prioritization
  • Initial Length: the initial number of child pages to populate as gadgets

User Experience

Gadget styling can be customized; default styling and interface appears as follows:

In the above example, each gadget is a child Topic Page, which contains RSS reader WYSIWYG plugins.

Adding Gadgets

When adding gadgets, a list appears, minus gadgets already referenced.


Gadget Lists are designed to facilitate the growing demand for Web 2.0 functionality, such as AJAX enabled controls, and disparate information mashups.  Because gadgets are CMS pages - article, event, RSS Reader Lists, as well as website Application Pages can be used as Gadgets.