Restricted Access

The Restricted Access Plugin can be used to control access to specific pages on your site. This plugin can allow a site to have member-only pages and pages only for specific committees, firms, purchasers of products or participants in events. It is a simple way to add security to your site's content and to direct content toward its specific audience.

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Use Cases



The SocietyNet Restricted Access plugin allows restricting user access by:

  • User / Member
  • Firm
  • Committee
  • Committee Positions
  • Committee Types
  • Section
  • Product Purchase
  • Event Purchase

Comparison Combination

It also allows a filtering combination of:

  • Including All - all criteria must be matched at least once for each category
  • Including Any - any criteria must be matched for at least one category
  • Excluding All - no criteria must be matched at least once for each category
  • Excluding Any - no criteria must be matched for any category

Multiple Selection Suggest List

This also features a new Multiple-Suggest Box control, which will allow intuitive enhanced selections, by suggesting options while the user types.  Selections can be easily removed using the X for each list item that has been selected.  You can select a maximum of 100 items for each criteria category.

Behavioral Capabilities

Access Options have been added to enhance this plugin with capabilities similar to that of a Versions Page:

  • On match redirect to CMS Page - this option will redirect the user who matches criteria to the selected CMS page
  • On match embed CMS Page - this option will embed a CMS page into the current page, which allows a version of the page to be seen by specific users matching criteria
  • On non-match force login - this is the default handling for the plugin, which forces a user to match criteria in order to view the page

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