Wiki Page

The Wiki page has many features similar to a standard Wiki application; though, closely integrated with the CMS.

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  • Table of Contents
    • Automatically derived table of contents
    • Groups HTML Heading tags together in linear order as anchor links for jumping to their respective sections on the page
  • Edit this Page
    • A link for CMS users to edit Wiki contents inline while viewing the page
  • Keyword Highlighting
    • If a word in an article has a corresponding wiki page, a link is automatically generated from that word to its respective page
  • Related Articles
    • Other Wiki pages that share the same Web Experience associations are automatically linked as Related Articles


The Wiki page appears in the CMS Website Tree Page Types key.  Wiki pages act similarly to Article Pages, and can be referenced in Article Lists and RSS feeds.


  • Show Related: display a list of related Wiki pages by Web Experience associations
  • Link Keywords: link other Wiki page titles as Keywords when they appear in content text
  • Show Table of Contents: Generate a table of contents list based upon Heading tags


Editing a Wiki page is essentially the same as editing an Article Page.  Web Experience associations are used to identify related Wiki pages, so this should be considered while editing.


Wiki pages can have access restrictions assigned to them using CMS Roles, which can be assigned to specific CMS users, who will then be able to edit specific Wiki pages or branches with Wiki pages.  This is useful because you can turn Live Edit off for those CMS roles, while allowing them to use the "Edit this page" link on Wiki pages, so they will never be directly exposed to the CMS itself.