Topic Page

The Topic page type is an excellent page type to use for landing pages, and for any page that will be featuring dynamic content such as RSS lists, Article Lists, Event Lists, Tabstrip plugins, etc.   

Topic pages can be created by making a new page, and selecting Topic as the page type.

Features of a Topic Page

A Topic page has a normal WYSIWYG editor with the ability to edit in design and html mode, as well as the ability to insert Code Snippets and plugins, and to format the text as you see fit.

The Topic page also has the following tabs; each of the links below takes you to more in-depth documentation of the tabs:

  • Notes-Shows publishing notes when a page has been sent for approval
  • General-Allows you to set a page icon, insert publishing notes, set Superseding search keywords, and set a Friendly URL
  • Meta-Allows you to set metadata for the page
  • Experience-Allows you to categorize the page with Web Experiences, Topics and Segments

Making a list of Topic Pages

Topic pages can not be made in to a list in the same way Article, Wiki and Media pages can. To create a list of Topic pages, you'll have to set up a SQL query in a Query List plugin.