Bucket Page

The Bucket page type is a page type that does not show up in navigation, does not have content, and is not searchable.  Why use a Bucket page?  To group child pages together in a single place, to help keep track of them for editing and using them on your site.

Creating a Bucket page

A Bucket page can be created by adding a new page to your site, and selecting Bucket for the page type:

Features of a Bucket Page

A Bucket page has no content creation area.  It has the following tabs:

  • Notes
    • Notes for publishing based on submission for approval
  • General
    • Where the page icon, Author notes, Superseding search keywords and Friendly URL can be set
  • Meta
    • Where metadata can be assigned to the page
  • Experience
    • Where Web Experiences, Topics and Segments can be applied to the page for categorization purposes.

Using a Bucket Page on your site

Typically, sites using the BWG CMS will have a Bucket page set up for the Panels of the site, including the Header, Footer, welcome boxes, login sections, etc.  The Bucket is a good way to organize related pages in your Website Tree, without having to worry about keeping track of where they are and what they could be mistaken for.