Add a Page to an Aptify CMS Installation

Adding a new control to an Aptify installation is the same as adding one to any other installation.

Step 1

Start by adding an Application Page to the area of the CMS where you want the control to be placed.

Step 2

Next, update the ASPX/ASCX path to match the file path, starting at the website root path.

Step 3

Finally, set the Friendly Url value. This value should be within the IIS application, but not necessarily identical to the file path. For example, it should include /Aptify/ at the beginning, because that is the path to the IIS Application from which the control runs.

End Result

The CMS will automatically control page properties for access, and the look and feel of the website being applied to the control. You can also use Copy Tags to specify customized editable areas for end users to update while editing the Application Page in the CMS.

Other Thoughts

If User Controls aren't automatically being copied over, you can copy over the ASCX/ASCX.CS/VB files over manually, to ensure they exist and are the latest version. Typically a Network Share is set up, so start by finding the files there.

Then copy them to the relative matching website path, so you can hook them up to the CMS Application Page, as seen in the above steps.