Site Map

The Site Map plugin automatically generates a map based upon the "Show In Navigation" global property of pages.  This helps search engines find pages on your website, as well as assisting advanced users who know what they are looking for.

Follow Along with this Video Tutorial


You can configure the site map by modifying its Private Properties.  First locate it in the Website Tree; typically this is done using the GO button and entering 201. The site map plugin page looks like this:

There are two Private Properties which you can configure to change the appearance of the site map:

  • Display Depth - the depth of the website hierarchy to expose
  • Display Columns - the number of columns to display on the page


The site map should look something like this:

The general appearance can be customized using CSS.

XML For Search Engines

You can generate an XML site map export by simply adding these parameters to your site map URL: ?xml=1

The typical URL for the site map would be:


Multiple site maps can be created using the page Copy / Paste function.  You can point them to different locations by adding this Private Property:

The Value field defines the Page ID to point to as the hierarchical root.