Private Comments / Content Ratings

The CMS includes Comments / Ratings functionality.  This is built into the system and can work with any page type.  This allows users to Rate a page's content, and add an internal comment associated with the rating.

Pages can be excluded from this functionality via an Allow RSS property that is typically applied to Article Pages.

The behavior for the comments / rating system can be changed in the CMS > Home Tab > Panels > plugins > Rating > Properties Tab.

The way this plugin is integrated can be applied in several ways:

  • Website branches/sections/entire website via CMS Layouts (ASP.NET Master Pages)
  • Specific page types (adding to ASP.NET web user control templates)
  • Specific pages in combination with all of the above (using the Allow Rating page property)
  • Specific pages by embedding into the WYSIWYG editor in the CMS
  • 3rd party applications may also reference the Rating control via ASP.NET Web User Control (~/PluginCache/Common/CommentRating/Shell/Render.ascx)

Other Notes

The Comments / Ratings control does not have any ASP.NET or HTML form dependencies.  It does not conflict with any existing form combinations either, as it uses AJAX (XmlHttp) calls.  The control is also very light weight and ideal for embedding.

If you would like to use the Comments / Ratings control, please open a support ticket in our tracker.  Although the infrastructure has been installed, it is not exposed as the method of exposure will vary per website.

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