Popular Pages / Events / Searches

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User Tiers

The popularity feature tracks all views by user tier:
  • Public
  • Non-Member
  • Member
  • CMS User


 These views are tracked in the following categories:

  • Pages views (all page types)
  • Events views (all events)
  • Website searches
  • Event searches
  • Product searches


You can exclude or include popularity tracking on specific pages using the global page property "Track Popularity".

All event views and searches are automatically tracked; though you don't necessarily need to take advantage of the popularity feature.

Exposing Popularity

Article List

You can expose popularity using the Article List WYSIWYG plugin for Website Pages.  Use the "Popular Pages" area of the dialog when creating or editing an Article List instance:


Event List

For exposing the popularity of event views on the website you can use the Event List WYSIWYG plugin.  Use the "Popular Events" area of the dialog when creating or editing an Events List instance.


Search Keywords

For all search types the CMS Query List can be used to display the top N most popular keywords.  Provided below are the two most commonly used Query List exports, which you can import to use on your website:

Typical Uses

Some typical uses for the popular pages feature might be:

  • What's Hot! Listings
  • What others are viewing
  • Popular searches today
  • Popular searches this week
  • News you might be interested in


The Popularity feature only logs data for 30 days.  This is intentional in order to recycle data to prevent database bloating.  If you would like some custom Query List templates written for specific popularity representations, create a support ticket.  New exports will be posted to this page for future reference.