Page Property / Layout Inheritance

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Page Property Introduction

All pages in the CMS have two types of properties:

  • Global Properties - properties that all pages contain equally.  These may only be on/off flags, and can be applied recursively, using the Save & Apply to Children button.
  • Private Properties - properties that are specific to a particular page.  These may be on/off, drop down selection, or text values, and cannot be applied recursively.  These are intended to control specific behavior for a particular page.

Page Layout Introduction

All pages in the CMS have two types of layouts:

  • Global Layouts - layouts pulled from the CMS > Content > Layouts area.  Global layouts are templates for page panels applied to all pages with a particular global layout selected.  This can be found under the Page Overview > Layout tab.  Global Layouts may be applied recursively using the Save & Apply to Children button.  Changes to global layouts are applied globally, so they are useful for changes that are site-wide, or section-wide.
  • Private Layouts - although a Global Layout must always be referenced, a Private Layout consists of particular page panel overrides, that are not the same as the Global Layout.  This is useful for applying a specific Page to a page panel in a Global Layout, only intended for a particular page.  Private Layout overrides cannot be applied recursively.  Changes to Private Layout overrides are only applied to a specific page, and are useful for swapping out advertisements, or navigation for a particular exceptional page.

The Problem

It is common for users to unintentionally apply a Global Layout or Global Property set recursively to child pages, when there are often exceptional pages contained within the children pages.  An example of this would be for Application Pages, which often have specific user access restrictions (global properties), or specific navigation (global layout reference).

Even if the consequence of a Save & Apply to Children action is understood by the user, it is often inconvenient to work around exceptional child pages when taking these actions.

The Solution

Page Property and Layout inheritance has been added to allow the recursive isolation of exceptional pages within a child set, when applying Global Properties/Layouts.  This can be set via any page's Global Properties, using the following flags:

  • Inherit Properties - when unselected, the Save & Apply to Children action does not apply to this particular page, for Global Properties
  • Inherit Layout - when unselected, the Save & Apply to Children action does not apply to this particular page, for Global Layouts

Note: these flags also affect inheritance of properties/layouts when moving a page in the CMS Website Tree.

Overriding Properties or Layouts

Because there may exist circumstances where properties or layouts should be forcefully applied to all child pages, despite inheritance flags, there exists a check box to override inheritance settings for children pages, when using the Save & Apply to Children action, for Layouts or Properties.

Global Property Screen

Global Layout Screen


Inheritance capability applied to recursive property and layout selection allows savvy and non-savvy CMS users to avoid common frustrations when dealing with mass page configurations.