National Content Sharing


It has been a topic of interest since the CMS was first created, that content be shared on a national level.  No specifications have been created; however, with the national Social Networking project over the horizon, an infrastructure has been developed to support secure remote integration of dynamic queries from a central server.  This has enabled a new feature for rudimentary national content sharing.

How it Works

Articles in the CMS now have a "Share Nationally" flag, which when selected allows our national server to query the article.  The article will then be pulled to a national database, which outputs an RSS feed, that can be read using the RSS Reader plugin.  This allows states to share content nation-wide, and with their users.

The RSS feed is a simple mechanism to expose content, while allowing it to remain on the host state website.  This enables attribution in the form of content hosting.  This may create opportunities for unique marketing and communication between states and end users.

Note: It may take up to 60 minutes for an article which has been flagged for National sharing to be shared. Once shared, an article cannot be removed from the shared list; however, you can create a broken link by taking the article offline, or deleting it.

National RSS Feed Code

You can use the following URL to query the RSS feed:

Or, you can drop the following HTML into the WYSIWYG in any CMS page, to create the RSS Reader plugin reference.

<div id="ctlRef" runat="translation" comref="~/PluginCache/Common/RssList/Shell/NodeRender.ascx" parameters="PageID=215;DataPageID=$DataPageID$;ListLength=10;Style=DictionaryList;TopRows=3;MaxSummaryLength=250;ShowNavigation=true;NavigationAlignment=Bottom;NavigationTextMore=More %:gt::;NavigationTextNext=Next Page %:gt::;NavigationTextPrevious=%:lt:: Previous Page;NavigationTextReturn=%:lt:: Return to List;HeaderText=Articles;MaxPageListLength=10;PageStyle=DictionaryList;PageMaxSummaryLength=250;PageDivID=;InnerPageDivID=;RssLink=;NoneFoundText=;RssLength=10;Rss=0;RssName=;RssDescription=;RssCategory=0;RssIcon=Bottom;UniqueDataID=1672922378;"><h1>RSS List</h1></div>


Although this implementation is basic, it is the first step in a potentially more elegant direction.  Thoughts and comments are very welcome on this topic, for future planning.

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