Live Edit

Live edit is a feature of the CMS that allows you to login to the website, and modify content simply by clicking "Edit Page Content" or "Edit Panel Content".

Administrators are the only CMS user type that can modify panel content. Live Edit allows you to quickly update content on the fly as you are navigating the website.

Follow Along with this Video Tutorial

Once logged in you may see a "Live Edit On" or "Live Edit Off" button in the middle / left area of the page. This can be used to toggle the feature on and off at any point. Often turning it on will slightly distort the web site appearance.

Live Edit in Action

Below is  how Live Edit appears on your site.  The "Live Edit On" button, , when selected, will bring up different edit boxes, which can be selected to edit their assigned page or panel.


 Live Edit is off:
 Live Edit is on:

Once an edit button is selected, the user will be brought to the WYSIWYG editor, where they may edit the page to their satisfaction.