Global Redirects

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Global Redirects are a feature created to extend the capability of Friendly Urls by allowing the creation of a Url that is redirected to another Url.

This is primarily intended for shortcuts and persisting links from existing websites. This feature is implemented in a way that does not force a specific file extension to be used, thus allowing folder paths, or paths to other server-side file extensions to be used as redirects.


This feature can be found under Settings > Redirects. Although configurable; by default only Administrative roles have access to this feature.  The Source Url can have a value such as /folderPath or /folderPath/ (both are handled the same way), or a value such as /filename.php or /folderPath/filename.txt, etc..  The Destination Url can be any value; though it's intended to redirect to a CMS page. You can also supply an absolute Url, such as

It is important to note that this feature cannot override an existing file or folder path; therefor, any existing physical files or folders matching the Source Url, should be removed or renamed.

If you do not have this feature installed, please contact support.