Favorite Links

Favorite Links is a personalized list of links that the user can modify. These links display on every page, quick access to their own preferred content.

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User Perspective


Personalized links can be made in accessible in many ways.  An example is below:



The add favorite links function can be exposed in many ways - it is AJAX driven, and so does not intrude with what the user is doing at the time.  A Page Tools menu is a prime location to expose this feature:



There is a management page provided which allows the user to remove, edit, and rearrange the personalized list of links:



The CMS provides an area to administrate all "Favorite" type lists.  This can be found in CMS > Users > Favorites.



Favorite Links can be labeled anything desired (such as Quick Links); the structure allows many other "Favorite" type lists to be used in the future.