Copy / Paste Pages

Video Tutorial: Copying & Pasting Pages

It is often useful to duplicate pages inside the CMS for duplicating page structures with similar content.  For this you can use the CMS Copy / Paste page function.

Copying Pages

When you select Copy Pages from the Website Tree context menu, you will be taken to a confirmation screen with some copy options

  • Copy Depth
    • Select the root page only, or the root and child pages
  • Copy Type
    • Select whether to copy in server memory for a local / immediate copy, or copy to a compressed data dump, which can be copied/pasted via your clipboard to another CMS installation

Copy Data

Once presented with the Copy Data, you can use it to paste into a remote CMS, or your local CMS at a later point in time. Simply copy the text data and paste, or save to a plain text file, to later copy and paste into the Copy Data box during the page Paste operation.

Pasting Pages

When pasting you will be presented with a confirmation screen. You can select various paste options before confirming the operation.

  • Paste Location
    • Select the relative placement of pasted pages
  • Paste Depth
    • Select the root page only, or the root and child pages
  • Paste Type
    • Select whether to paste from server memory for a local / immediate paste, or paste from a compressed data dump, provided from a copy operation


  • Pasted pages will not override existing friendly URLs, instead copied friendly URLs will be removed from the pages you pasted
  • Pasted pages will not maintain existing prioritized, featured, meta data, notes, or RSS associations
  • Pasted pages will attempt to maintain web experience, topics, and segments