Content Analyzer

Video Tutorial: Content Analyzer

About Content Analyzer

The content analyzer is a tool built into the CMS that tracks the status of links within all content in the CMS. You can find it in the tabs in the CMS below: (note that this is generally an administrative tool, and will not be present for authors)

You can click the edit icon under the Action column to make changes to the content in order to correct a broken link.

Using the Interactive Report

The data within the Content Analyzer tool is the recorded information from the most recent content analyzer service execution. This information will not be updated until the next execution of the service, which will be within 24 hours.

You can further filter results using the following fields:


The list above can be used to return links that had only the specified status code. A brief explanation of the above status codes follows:

  • Any - return results for any status codes
  • -1 - this is a code that means the service could not download the content because there was a network protocol error, or the URL was not in a recognized format
  • 200 - this is the code that indicates the server returned the content as expected
  • 404 - this code indicates the file is not found, it is the most reliable evidence of a link being broken
  • 410 - this code means the content no longer exists

For additional status code information, you can look up an RFC document on HTTP Status Codes. As a general rule, you can assume the following about codes:

  • 200-299 - the content was retrieved
  • 300-399 - the content was indirectly retrieved
  • 400-499 - the content was not retrieved
  • 500-599 - the server had an error and content was not retrieved

The Orientation field allows you to select Internal (only the CMS domain name) or External (links not in the CMS domain name). This is useful if you're only interested in links to other websites.


Keywords will search against the URL, Status Code Description, and page Title.

"Show only CMS pages" will limit results to URLs found to be in the CMS, this means they are definitely editable (fixable within the CMS).

Content Analyzer Configuration

You can modify the Content Analyzer settings as an Administrator, in the Settings > Configuration tab in the CMS.

Above are the recommended settings for the Content Analyzer.

Content Analyzer Tracking Report

You can receive a tracking report which is configured using settings listed previously. This can track specific URL status code changes. For example, perhaps you only are interested in 404 - File Not Found URLs that have come up since the last execution of the service. This means that within a 24 hour period, a URL has become broken.

If you are interested in receiving these reports, and do not currently, contact support, or your CMS administrator to handle configuring these settings.

The image above shows the recommended default settings.