About Society Solution

Society Solution

Our Content Management System (CMS) product offers integration unparalleled in any CMS product on the market.  Our CMS offers our users the capability to integrate transparently with many 3rd party products. Featuring automatic skinning/assimilation of ASP.NET Pages and Controls, as well as the ability to embed and transparently authenticate entirely external website pages into a website running our CMS (no HTML frames), our CMS will put you head-and-shoulders above the competition in terms of functionality and flexibility.

Our primary focus is on bringing an enhanced and enjoyable user experience to you and your members

The Service

We make sure our customers are as enthusiastic about our projects and products as we are. We strive to invest in our customer's interests, so they can invest in ours. We support our products and customers actively with error and active project tracking, e-mails and phone calls, along with training to make sure customers get off on the right foot.

Using our Society Solution Update service, we frequently release updates to all customers at once; no matter how many organizations we support, you receive the latest and greatest versions of our software immediately. When our customers ask for features, they are rolled out to everyone - each organization's investment benefits all organizations we support. Communication is a priority for us, and we maintain a newsletter, provide monthly training on our products, and organize quarterly reports and conferences with our customers to address their needs.

The Company

Society Solution has been operating for over ten years in the Association market. We've continuously followed web trends and requirements, pushing our customers to high levels of excellence in features and functionality. The majority of larger state CPA Associations run on our software platforms, which meet their individual custom needs. Our high standards in security, best practices, and user experience are conveyed through our products. We cater to state associations, providing solutions they cannot find elsewhere in such a complete and comprehensive package.

The Technology

Our early embrace of Microsoft's .NET framework has made us an outstanding development firm for ASP.NET programming. We've been using .NET since 1.0, and kept up with the features and enhancements every major release. We have extensive experience with Microsoft's SQL platform as well, from the early versions to the latest. We keep up with technology and standards so we can ensure your association remains on the cutting edge. We have also expanded our capabilities to integrate with other CRM products, including Aptify and Avectra offerings, to ensure we keep abreast of the changing Association management market.