Home Tab

The Home tab has a front page with gadgets that can be edited, added and removed, just like the Author and Editor roles.  The Administrator also has a "Panels" and "Files" page in their Home tab.

Video Tutorial: Administrator Home Tab


Panels Page

The Panels page gives the Administrator access to parts of the site that require a deeper understanding of the functioning of the site. The Administrator can access here the website's physical structure, any plugins the site currently has, as well as the CMS portal itself (including editing the functioning of the gadgets that appear on the Home page of the CMS). 

Files Page

The Files page contains the uploaded media of the site, the documents uploaded to the site that are available for download, and general files that should be available for use on the site.  This page provides an Administrator with easy access to the files, instead of having to go through an image or attachment uploader within the WYSIWYG.  It is a simple and efficient way to get media and materials onto your site.